Auto-Blocker With Teflon Shim Wax Thickness Control

The Model ACB-102-W1 adds pitch/wax dispensing to its long list of features to handily maintain its status as the industry’s premier blocking solution. This hands-off blocker, emphasizing safety and repeatability, is all but immune to operator variability. Calibrate this blocker once at setup and you’ll experience long-term precision for spherical and prism lenses alike. An air-actuated, pressure-controlled collet automatically adjusts to any standard 1/2” (12.7mm) blank at consistent pressure without warping or crimping the lens. Wax thickness control, a must have for specialty waxes, provides precise thickness for high volume production.

We have recently started Nickel plating the chucks and angle plate of the blocker for added protection from wear and tear and also rust compared to the old paint. The digital gauge used to calibrate the machine measures to .001 mm with uninterrupted memory. Our unique positive displacement pump gives you a reliable, repeatable solution for pitch/wax application. The compound is continuously mixed to maintain homogeneity and applied with the precision mandatory for the use of specialty waxes. Larsen Equipment Design provides “bottom line” innovation for better performance and more profit.



Air Supply:

110 or 220VAC
75LBS (34KG)
14”x14”x18” (360mm x 360mm x 460mm)
100psi (7BAR)

Download PDF:

Calibration training show try:
Blocker Setup Sheet:

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