A Comparison of lens manufacturing techniques

I have followed contact lens manufacturing techniques since entering the

A Tale of Two Labs

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. This is a look at two labs that my

A collet application that is unique to optics manufacturing:

I recently was asked about gage pin vs. arbor precision. Clearly, certified

Blocking article

With the use of CNC Lathes now common, the reliance on them to produce

Process Improvement

Question: We are desperate for an accurate blocker. We have had several but so far,

Blocking tool styles and lathes

Over the years we get requests for quotes for setup new CL labs. We would request

Blocking tool update

The required precision in radial run-out, but more importantly in tilt, necessary to

Boat repair as it relates to contact lens polishing

Our Bladder Polishing System has seen wide acceptance. With each lab purchasing single

Appearance of bubbles under the blocked base curve

I have received calls about bubbles under the blocked base curve. These

Can lab-layout affect prism?

Recently we have seen two cases where the lab managers were experiencing

Collect Sizing

From time to time we are asked “What is the range that a collet will properly

Edge Polishing or Edger Rolling

We introduced our new Edging machine at the annual CLMA Zoom Meeting in January of 2021. It is

Flanged Arbors Save the day

We regularly have customers send in their blocking arbors (chucks) to test with our blocking machines.

EFCLIN 2014/ Lab Visits

By now you have probably heard that the 2014 EFCLON Congress was a great success.

Identifying sources of prism.

I. Using a dial test indicator. II. Using a gage pin to check collet condition.

Inventing the Future

"Inventing the Future" sure rings true for our (contact lens and IOL) industry. There

The Legacy Lab

First, what is a Legacy lab? I define it as a lens producing facility that uses processes that

Levels of Automation

We are receiving more and more calls about automating the contact lens

Perception of Precision, revisited

Photonics West (PW) is a trade show held in San Francisco each January. The

Polishing Insides of Scleral Lens

“I wonder if you have made any big bladders to polish the periphery of scleral lenses. I

Process housekeeping Nov. 12, '07

Dear Mr. Larsen: In your presentations, you dwell on blocking tools and various blocking

Putting things in perspective

It is always good to pull back and see the big picture in our endeavors. It helps in how we

Scleral Lens Manufacturing: Special process or just another lens to make?

We at LED have been involved in setting up labs to produce or improve scleral lens

Standards and Tooling Conventions

We all work with industry standards and conventional methods. Usually, the standards are developed by

Ten things it takes to turn edges

"Ten things it takes to turn edges"; resulting in the BC concentric with front curve.

Testimonial Laresn

I have had the opportunity to work with Larsen Equipment for over 20 years. I have

That Prism Thing

One important goal in lens manufacturing is to produce prism free lenses. Over the

Water Soluble Wax, a Case Study

In the fall of 2003, I made some trips to install our Autoblocker and Bladder