Dispenser Auto Blocker With Whichever Shim You Want

Have you ever had the need for using multiple wax types and been frustrated with constantly switching dispensers? All of that ends here, with the Larsen Dual Dispenser Auto Blocker. With the flip of a switch, you can choose which wax you want to dispense within the cycle. Each dispenser has its own temperature controller for differing wax melting points. You can even add a multi-shot switch in case you need more than one pump of wax! This machine can be configured with either wax thickness control option.



Air Supply:

110 or 220VAC
75LBS (34KG)
14”x14”x18” (360mm x 360mm x 460mm)
100psi (7BAR)

Download PDF:

Calibration training show try:
Blocker Setup Sheet:

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