102 / 102-CRD

This machine also comes with no top motor

Bladder Polisher
ARP 102 | ARP 102-CRD

The Larsen Arcing Radial Polisher is the leader in polishing any custom lens design. It utilizes our unique “bladder” tool to carefully and precisely match the curve of the lens you need to polish. With both lens and arbor chucks available, you can easily polish your loose base curve or a blocked base curve on the same machine. This machine has a top motor that counter rotates to the lower polishing spindle for reduced cycle times. If you have a wide variety of lenses to polish look no further than the Larsen ARP-102-CRD



• Spherical (1 mm to 11 mm radius)
• Spherical multicurve
• Spherical with one to many peripheral curves
• Aspheric

• Aspheric with aspheric periphery
• Spherical with aspheric periphery
• Conical
• Reverse geometry
• Rotationally non-symmetric
• Toric
• Multifocal


Air Supply:

110 or 220 VAC
23 LBS (10.4 KG)
14.25”x8”x12” (362mm x 203mm x 305mm)
90-100psi (6-6.5BAR)

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