Manual Blocker

Calibrate this blocker once at setup and you will be blocking with consistent results. We can give you a free consultation if you need assistance and a precision gauge pin is provided. You will experience long term precision for spherical and prism lenses. Four alignment axes ensure precise blocking. This machine can be used as a prism blocker with cylinder axis layout. The “smart” air-actuated, pressure-controlled collet automatically adjusts to any standard 1/2” blank at consistent pressure without warping or crimping the lens. The dead-length-stop provides precise thickness for high volume production. An included digital calibration gauge measures to .001 mm with uninterrupted memory. With precision arbors, less than .005mm eccentricity (prism) will routinely be achieved.


Air Supply:

7" x 7" x 13" (Machine) 5" x 5" x 4.5" (control box)
90-100psi (6-7 BAR)

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