Dual Head Base Curve Lens Blocker

The Dual Base-curve Blocking machine is the ideal machine for blocking a large amount of base curve blanks in a small amount of time. If you are transfer-blocking, the precision you need on the base curve blank is much less for conventional blocking. The optical sensors “see” when a lens and an arbor are in the same side and the wax dispenser moves to that side to apply wax. Then the dispenser moves away and the arbor goes up to the lens to block them together. As one side is being waxed together, the operator can load the other side and have it ready to block as the other side finishes. Once the operator has gotten used to the machine, they can block up to 10 lenses per minute! The lens gripper jaws can accommodate both corneal and scleral lenses with no adjustments. The wax dispenser also accommodates for corneal and scleral arbors! If you need more throughput of your blank blocking then the Larsen DBB-202 is here for you! 


Air Supply:

14" x 14" x 15"
110/240 VAC
90-100psi (6-7 BAR)

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