Lateral ArmPolisher

Larsen’s design optimizes simplicity of operation and absolute control for polishing concave, convex and plano surfaces. We have adapted our “Bridge Technology” to make the P603 model. Set the polishing pin once and forget it. It automatically compensates for variations in lens and lap height. Triple-sealed spindles assure long life. High quality motors and the stainless steel and aluminum construction provide a lifetime of reliability. The digital timer features midcycle memory, the round belt drive minimizes noise and vibration, and a clear console cover acts as the start switch and protects the controls.The six-spindle model is ideal for higher volume production, while the two-spindle model is ideal for economy and more individual control of spindles. Optional features include an oscillation dial indicator, choice of spindle taper, timing belt drive, and a slurry feed system.


Spindle Speed:

21" x 15" x 10"
110/240 VAC

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