The IAP is adapted from the design of our ARP series polishers

This new platform offers the innovative counter-rotating spindle feature and radial arc oscillation action with an expanded work envelope to accommodate a wider variety of tooling, and provide the necessary clearance for easy setup and tool/part loading. This polisher also offers a higher torque top spindle, and increases the amount of weight that can be used in your process. The IAP is an aggressive steep curve polisher that can handle up to 25mm radius lenses at up to 20mm diameter. The counter-rotating spindles make this machine capable of reducing cycle times and increasing throughput. Easy to setup, and maintain, this polisher will keep your production running smoothly, and provide repeatable results for your matched lap polishing needs.

As with all of our machines, the IAP can be customized to accommodate specific needs, and to fit seamlessly into existing production lines. This polisher is fit with an air counter-balance system for easy loading and unloading. The arcing axis height, stroke length, stroke position, oscillation speed, upper spindle speed, and lower spindle speed, are all individually controlled, and easy to set. The anodized aluminum construction offers rigidity and durability. The IAP is here to meet your R&D and production polishing needs.

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