This two spindle machine is designed to process up to 3” diameter (76 mm) steep curve (.5-2” radius) optics. Our RP series polishers have been in use for small spherical and aspheric optics for over 25 years. This new machine utilizes the same geometry as the other RP machines with an expanded work envelope for large optics. The RP 232 is a predictable machine with unique down force set points which use a regulator and pressure gauge to accurately control the polishing force. The arching axis is adjustable in elevation to bring it into alignment with the lens vertex. The lower spindles are available with threads or tapers to match your tooling. The control panel features digital tachometers for the lower spindles and oscillation. The oscillation stroke is set by a conventional eccentric. Loading is facilitated by a neutral (weightless) mode on the top spindles. When the cycle is started, down force is applied and is indicated by the pressure gauge. At the end of the cycle (or manual stop), the top spindles stay engaged with the tools and are manually lifted to unload the tools. A convenient switch for each spindle locks it up if only one spindle is to be used. The case and most components are stainless steel or anodized aluminum.

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